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Competitive Dancing in Scotland 


Dancesport is an evolved name. Previously it was known as Ballroom Dancing derived of course from dancing in the many ballrooms throughout the World. Over the years most of the ballrooms disappeared and ‘ballroom dancing' became more and more competitive throughout the world evolving in to a highly organised internationally accepted ‘sport'.

In 1997 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognised the International Dansport Federation (IDSF), of which SD is a member, as the world Governing Body and eventually granted The IDSF full membership of the IOC which could eventually lead to Dancesport being included in the Olympic Games. ( now estimated at 2012) In the late nineties it was decided world-wide to drop the name ‘Ballroom' as it did not tie in with Olympic Sport.



Why do you think dancing is once again fashionable?
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